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Happy Birthday, Rontgen!

by Ashley Walsh in Creative Electron, News Comments: 0

“Great discoveries are made accidentally less often than the populace likes to think.”– Wilhelm Rontgen

If Marie Curie is the Godmother of our industry, Wilhelm Rontgen is certainly the Godfather. In fact, he’s the one who discovered x-rays!

Rontgen was born at the turn of the century in a small town in Germany. Rontgen would certainly prove to be more than his roots had predicted. As describes him, “He did not show any special aptitude, but showed a love of nature and was fond of roaming in the open country and forests.” With the discovery of x-rays Rontgen would enjoy celebrity and receive the Nobel Prize in physics.

Rontgen would resign himself to poverty in death in the midst of the Weimar Republic, in spite of having discovered a technology that would help save soldiers on both sides of the war. So now we honor him, on what would have been his 123rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Rontgen! Thanks for helping save countless lives and limbs, and for posthumously staring in our x-ray ads!

Bill Cardoso On Tour: Pennsylvania

by Ashley Walsh in Creative Electron, Events Comments: 0

iPhone X Teardown

March 28, 2018

Hosted by SMTA Western Pennsylvania Chapter

Double Tree Monroeville, PA

It’s been 10 years since Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to the world. Much has happened since then. Over this past decade, the iPhone became a reference design, and the object of desire of a legion of fans who wait anxiously for every launch of the Cupertino company. Undoubtedly, the most advanced iPhone in the market today, the iPhone X is a technology marvel. The double stacked boards, dual battery, and a face recognition sensor bring the iPhone X to a whole different level.

In this presentation, we’ll explore these technological advances by a live teardown of the iPhone X. The teardown will be followed by a detailed coverage of the technical details of critical parts of the device. This live teardown will be accompanied by x-ray and CT images of the iPhone X, so the audience will get unprecedented insights on what makes this iPhone tick. More importantly, we will explore the assembly process utilized to put the iPhone X together. This presentation is targeted at a wide technical audience looking for a better understanding on how advance consumer electronics are designed and assembled.