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3-Year Warranty* 


Our Product. Your Peace of Mind.

Why are we rolling out an industry-first 3-year warranty? We are obsessed about the quality of our products - so what better way to show that than to extend you a 3-year peace of mind warranty.

All our products are designed and made in our facility in San Marcos, California. This 3-year warranty starts with the detailed design of each machine by our engineering team. Our manufacturing team precisely assembles each TruView X-Ray machine, which is then carefully maintained by our service team. 

When you have such control of all pieces of the manufacturing chain, the question becomes - why not offer a 3-year warranty?


This is our standard of dedication to you.


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* Subject to terms and conditions, please ask for details. Only valid for new TruView X-Ray Machines sold and installed in the USA after January 22, 2018. Restrictions apply.