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TruView and Versatility

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At Creative Electron, we design and manufacture X-ray inspection machines that serve a wide range of industries. Our clients include manufacturers of medical devices, automotive parts, electrical components, device refurbishment, cell phone battery distributors etc. Every time we showcase our applications at trade shows and symposiums we’re asked how we can tailor to such a divers clientele without reinventing our product line every quarter! This is especially poignant when you consider that our X-ray inspections machines can serve various applications within these industries. Our answer is always the same, our TruView™ software makes it possible. Our X-ray machines are bound by the laws of physics; there’s only so many volts we can push through a tube or photons we can capture. Our software however, is bound only by our ingenuity and creativity, hence the name, Creative Electron. What separates us from the rest of the X-ray NDT industry is our ability to combine a great X-ray machine with a solution focused, versatile software package. Our team is dedicated to studying the issues affecting manufacturers across all the industries we serve. After all, our team is made up of professionals in these industries. What we then do is design our software with these issues in mind. The end result is a solution based software with a streamlined, easy to use interface.

In the coming weeks, we will be showcasing the various applications of our TruView™ software as they apply to the wide range of industries we service. Be sure to follow our blog or contact us directly with any questions!

Above: TruView™ software displaying a live X-ray image (Left) of an FPC connector and a live 3D density render (Right) side by side.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

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There is an unwritten rule about tech in the Creative Electron office; if you bring in a shiny toy, we’re going to X-ray it! Our latest participant had to hand over their new Seek thermal camera. After an unmentionable amount of time hunting for thermal sources (one of our engineers captured below) around the office we turned the tables on the Seek camera and the hunter became the hunted! We captured this beautiful X-ray image of the internals with our TruView Fusion X-ray platform. The result was an insightful view into the elegant build behind the Seek Compact.


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X-Ray Rock ‘n’ Roll

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The team here at Creative Electron is no stranger to out of the box thinking, after all, it’s in our name! The X-ray industry is filled with creative solutions and uses. One such use is the clandestine re-purposing of medical X-ray images by Russian citizens. Re-purposed for what? Vinyl albums! During the Cold War, the Soviet government blocked much of the western influences from entering the state. Music lovers during that time began to copy records onto medical X-ray images. These images were in abundance because of a state mandated policy requiring hospitals to discard old X-rays which were considered a fire hazard. With the materials in hand and a machine capable of writing groves onto them (often the product of reverse engineering) people began breathing life into the macabre images with their favorite jazz and rock ‘n’ roll tracks. Such recordings were often called “bone music” or “rib music.” We see a lot of X-ray images here at Creative Electron; until recently, that’s all we could do, “see” the images. Today, thanks to the ingenuity of our team, we can breathe life into these images as well. The new TrueView™ Fusion CT is capable of rendering hundreds of X-ray images into an incredibly detailed 3D model that we can then 3D print! This exciting technology is just one of the efforts were making to push the limits of X-ray technology and creative inspection solutions.  Be on the look out for our own X-ray music via our upcoming album!