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Top Five Reasons to Visit Creative Electron at IPC APEX

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For Immediate Release:

San Marcos, CA February 2018 – Creative Electron, the leading American supplier of x-ray machines to the electronics industry, will unveil its largest technology updates to date at IPC (Institute of Printed Circuits) APEX Expo in San Diego February 27th to March 1st at booth 1932. Here are the top five reasons to visit Creative Electron at APEX:

1. Three-Year Exclusive Warranty: Creative Electron is the first x-ray company to offer a three-year warranty that includes the x-ray tube and sensor. “All our products are designed and crafted in our facility in San Marcos, California. This three-year warranty starts with the detailed design of each machine by our engineering team. Our manufacturing team precisely assembles each TruView ™ X-Ray system, which is then carefully maintained by our service team” said Griffin Lemaster, Creative Electron’s VP of Engineering. “When you’re this obsessed with quality, why not give our customers this extra peace of mind?”

2. TruView ™ 10 X-Ray Software: Built from the ground up with user experience in mind, the all new TruView ™ 10 X-Ray Software now powers the TruView ™ family of x-ray systems. TruView ™ 10 boasts fully automated testing capabilities, online and offline programming, and increased overall system speed. “The new updates create a smooth relationship between user and machine,” says Anh Nguyen, vice president of software development at Creative Electron. “We are continuously working towards the perfect x-ray system for our customers – TruView ™ 10 is an important evolutionary step for our industry.”

3. Industry 4.0 Live: APEX will host the first ever multi-vendor demonstration of IPC’s CFX (Connected Factory Exchange Showcase) Industry 4.0 solution. As a member of the CFX group, Creative Electron will have four TruView ™ X-Ray systems talking to the live CFX network. “Creative Electron will have three TruView ™ Parts Counters and a TruView ™ Fusion integrated into the CFX network,” states Bill Cardoso, PhD, CEO of Creative Electron. “Attendees will be able to see the status of the tests running on the TruView ™ systems in real time as they walk the tradeshow floor – as if they were walking their future factory floor,” added Dr. Cardoso, who is also member of the CFX technical committee.

4. New X-Ray Systems: Creative Electron kicks off 2018 with a complete upgrade of its family of TruView ™ X-Ray systems. The powerful, new TruView ™ 10 software suite provides a strong image and a user-friendly experience. “To fully enable the automated features of our new TruView ™ 10 Software, we took on a complete overhaul of the automation in our machines. This software/hardware upgrade package makes the TruView ™ family of products the best value in the market – by far,” said Glen Thomas, PhD, vice president of technology. Please contact National Sales Manager Chris Jimenez at for more information.

5. The Only Authorized FocalSpot Service – In 2016, Creative Electron acquired the exclusive rights to support the legacy MXI service business from Nordson/MatriX/Focal Spot. Creative Electron is the only place for the full service of FocalSpot machines, including a comprehensive inventory of OEM parts and the original designer engineers. “We are proud to keep legacy FocalSpot and Nicolet systems running year after year,” said Dave Phillips, vice president of customer care. “We are also an IPC training center, so the service we provide our customers goes far beyond repairing a broken x-ray machine. We enable our customers to fully realize the value of their x-ray machine acquisition.”

Creative Electron will be featured at booth 1932 at APEX. Please contact Chris Jimenez, Creative Electron’s National Sales Manager at to schedule an appointment to experience the new TruView ™ family of x-ray systems.

About Creative Electron:
Creative Electron is the largest US manufacturer of x-ray inspection systems for electronics. Based in California, the company designs and manufactures the award winning TruView ™ X-Ray family of products. Powered by proprietary algorithms and state of the art hardware, TruView ™ enables you to rethink x-ray inspection.

LIVE TWEET: Dr. Cardoso Presents: 2018 MD&M West

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In addition to presenting the keynote speech at Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium this week, Dr. Cardoso will also speak at MD&M West in Anaheim.

MD&M West is the largest annual “med-tech” conference in North America. Dr. Cardoso will be on center stage to present on the automation of inventory management. As summarized by Dr. Cardoso, this presentation will, “embrace the overall infrastructure that needs to be in place to realize an accurate, fast, and efficient methodology for inventory control.”

Make sure you stop by to hear our presentation at MD&M West. We will be on Center Stage at 2pm on February 8th and follow our LIVE TWEET at @creativeelctrn.

For more information about the presentation contact us today.

Dr. Cardoso to Present as Keynote at the Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium

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President of Creative Electron, Dr. Bill Cardoso will be presenting as the keynote speaker the Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium next week. Dr. Cardoso will be presenting on a special perspective on the new iPhone X the evening of February 6th.

On the Big Island in Hawaii, Dr. Cardoso will be exploring the new iPhone X with a live teardown. This teardown is accompanied by x-ray and CT images. These images provide the audience with a new perspective on the popular technology.

To see behind the scenes of the iPhone X tear down, make sure to check out our blog segment on the iPhone X and follow us on our NEW Instagram @creaiveelectron.

For more information about the presentation contact us today.

Free Webinar: Quality Control to Material Management – an Introduction to X-Ray Technology

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January 30, 2018 at 10AM PST

X-rays have been used in manufacturing activities for over 100 years. From the simple identification of missing parts inside a sealed box to the detailed inspection of a jet turbine, x-ray technology has become ubiquitous in several manufacturing activities. In this webinar we will focus on the uses on x-ray technology in the electronic assembly industry, from the inspection of ball grid arrays (BGA) and quad-flat no-leads (QFN), to counting components in reels, to complex computed tomography operations. It is not our objective to make you an expert in any of these areas, but instead to introduce you to these diverse topics. The ideal audience for this webinar are those in management positions in the SMT industry – who need to understand enough of each activity to know when to deploy them to solve everyday production problems. To accommodate your busy schedule, we’ve limited each topic to a 15 minute talk, presented live by Dr. Bill Cardoso and Dr. Glen Thomas, both experts in x-ray inspection with a combined 50 year experience in the field.  

The topics included in this 1 hour webinar include:

10:00AM – Why x-rays are used to inspect bottom-terminated components (BGA, LED, QFN, etc.)? How to interpret the results you get?

10:15AM – Material Management 4.0 – how to bring my inventory room to the 21st century?

10:30AM – When should I use Computed Tomography?

10:45AM – X-ray and rework – how to figure out what machines do I really need?

To register please email us at with your complete contact info. We’ll email you back the details on how to log in to attend this webinar.

TruView Parts Counter at NEPCON Japan – Jan. 17-19

It’s a brand new year and we’re heading to Japan to showcase our TruView Parts Counter at NEPCON Japan in Tokyo from January 17-19. If you haven’t been to NEPCON Japan yet, well, you must. NEPCON is Asia’s largest exhibition for electronics design, R&D and manufacturing technology Launched in 1972, NEPCON Japan has grown together with the Japanese & Asian electronics industry. Consisting of 7 shows specialised in essential areas for electronics manufacturing and R&D, the show has increased its value as an exhibition representing Asia’s leading one-stop venue for all those involved in electronics industry. Furthermore, adding exhibitions for promising applications such as Automobiles, Wearable devices, Robots, and Smart factories, NEPCON Japan attracts the huge attention as a venue where the latest technologies for “Future of Electronics” are showcased.

Contact us today to schedule a time to meet us in Tokyo. And don’t forget to check out the all new TruView Parts Counter!

Silicon Valley Expo & Tech Forum

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Location: Bestronics, Inc.
2243 Lundy Avenue
San Jose, CA 95131

Time: 8AM to 3PM