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SMT Manufacturing Defects


In today’s post we cover the overall SMT manufacturing process and where defects come from. Enjoy!

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About the Author:

Dr. Glen Thomas is a proven veteran in the inspection market with over two decades of experience developing and marketing x-ray systems. Glen leads Creative Electron's lead generation and branding strategy. Glen also manages the company’s relationship with our domestic and international sales channels. He has been instrumental in helping the company create the best x-ray inspection systems in the world by providing its customers with unrivaled value. Dr. Thomas has held executive leadership positions and was instrument at the growth of companies like Faxitron, Micro Focus Imaging, Radsource Technologies, X-Ray Imaging Solutions, and Lixi. Glen is the VP of Operations for the SMTA Great Lakes Chapter. Glen holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.


  1. Dennis O'Brien December 14, 2014 Reply

    I have heard your comments concerning the solder paste printing process being a source of rejects for many reasons. You say that this part of the SMT process is often overlooked, with which I agree. I have had many conversations with engineers that goes one step further , that when they do have problems within the solder paste printing process the engineers prioitise printing parameters and totally ignore the under stencil cleaning process. Swiftmode are slowly changing that attitude with our Hyperclean Under Stencil Cleaning Rolls that are consistently reducing rejects/re-work by some amazing percentages. This information is from users Not Swiftmode. On 01005 Hyperclean reduced overall rejects by 70% (Insufficient solder, solder on Gold etc). 40 to 60% reductions in reject/re-work is commonplace and we have independent information to prove. You can get our White paper on Under Stencil Cleaning Rolls from our website.
    Hyperclean Stencil Cleaning Rolls are unique in so far as they are the only product developed specifically for the application.

    Thank you for reading my response to your video

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