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X-Ray Your Process, Not Your Boards

The TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software transforms x-ray inspection into a powerful tool to diagnose and manage your manufacturing process. Powered by statistical analysis tools and gorgeous image quality, the TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software is a key enabler of Statistical Process Control (SPC) - to finally put an end to guesswork. 

Statistical Process Control X-Ray Inspection

Goodbye to Reporting: Welcome to Dashboarding

TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software introduces real time dashboarding to x-ray inspection. While reporting allows you to manage your business looking back, dashboarding inserts decision making when and where problems are found. Actionable data is the critical weapon in diagnosing issues that cost you money. TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software dashboard will be the de facto control panel of your manufacturing process. 

Fully Automated BGA Void and Head in Pillow (HIP) Inspection

TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software collects data from multiple solder balls in different boards to report the amount of void in each ball. Head and pillow, open, and shorted balls can also be found. Excess voiding can be linked to problems with BGA/PCB planarity, solder selection, solder storage, board cleaning, reflow profile, and flux selection.

 TruView™ AXI

QFN & CSP Solder and Void Analysis

QFN and CSP packages can be challenging to assemble and inspect. Statistical analysis of production runs is the only objective way to determine the health of your manufacturing line. TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software can find opens, shorts, and voids that are critical to diagnose issues with stencil design, stencil cleaning, reflow profile, solder selection, flux selection, and board cleaning. 

TruView™ AXI

LED & Power Electronics Void Measurement

The amount of solder voiding between the LED and the board is critical to the lifespan of the device. Too much voiding blocks the thermal path of the LED, which in turn raises its temperature and exponentially reduces the LED’s lifespan. TruView™ 10 X-Ray Software measures this parameter so that you can use voiding as the key metric to manage the health of your manufacturing line.

TruView™ AXI

SMD Inspection for Opens and Shorts

The continuous miniaturization of Surface Mount Devices (SMD) causes a number of problems during assembly of these devices. Opens and shorts are common failure modes that can usually be traced back to printing problems – namely stencil defects. The automated detection of these failure modalities is critical for the continuous assessment of your manufacturing line’s health.

TruView™ AXI


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Made in America:: Proudly

The development of the TruView™ X-Ray software has its roots in programs with the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO). The Standalone Multiple Anomaly Recognition Technique (SMART) was designed to automatically detect feature anomalies in x-ray images of cargo containers entering the homeland. SMART was deployed to stop potentially lethal contraband from landing on our shores to fuel the terrorist value chain. SMART grew into a powerful tool to assist operators in the difficult task of determining if a cargo container could pass the security inspection or should be stopped for further scrutiny. TruView™ X-Ray Software grew out of SMART as a powerful and innovative software that is included in all TruView™ X-Ray Inspection Systems.