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TruView™ 6 X-Ray Software:: The Core 

TruView™ 6 is the core platform that runs the Apps you find in the TruView™ App Store. This structure is similar to the operational system and app configuration in your smartphone. Also similarly to your iPhone or Android device, the TruView™ 6 X-Ray Software has powerful features that include navigation video camera feed, controls to move the sample inside the machine, exposure and frame averaging controls for the x-ray sensor, histogram adjustment to optimize the brightness and contrast of the x-ray image, kV and mA controls of the x-ray source, overlay alignment mesh and grid, magnification controls, and the ability to quickly capture the x-ray image.

TruView™ 6:: Flexibility Meets Scalability 

TruView™ 6 is a groundbreaking program that redefines x-ray inspection software. In today's highly competitive world you need to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands from your customers.

So you change, you flex, you scale; you make it work. Why shouldn't you expect the same flexibility and scalability from your x-ray machine?

To accomplish this task we went back to the drawing board to redesign the TruView™ X-Ray Software from the ground up. TruView™ 6’s modern architecture was designed to grow with you. That’s why in the process of making the TruView™ 6 we also made the TruView™ App Store, the place developers and researchers meet to make your life easier.


TruView™ 6:: Built with You in Mind

TruView™ App Store:: Fueled by the Power of Crowdsourcing

Imagine you're a 19-year old college student who just learned about x-ray inspection. Now imagine you had an amazing idea for an innovative filter that greatly improves the quality of x-ray images. You want to share that idea with the world - and make some money in the process. How will you do it?

The TruView™ App Store was designed to commercialize the idea of this 19-year old, and the ideas of thousands of researchers around the world whose work is confined to academic papers. When added to our own developers, the TruView™ App Store is a powerful vehicle to connect you – the user – to the latest developments in x-ray inspection.

The TruView™ App Store also enables you to request a TruView™ App that can be developed by one or more independent developers. When ready, all Apps are thoroughly checked for quality and security by our internal team before showing up at your TruView™ App Store.  

The TruView™ App Store allowed our software team to grow to thousands of developers!

Made in America:: Proudly

The development of the TruView™ X-Ray software has its roots in programs with the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO). The Standalone Multiple Anomaly Recognition Technique (SMART) was designed to automatically detect feature anomalies in x-ray images of cargo containers entering the homeland. SMART was deployed to stop potentially lethal contraband from landing on our shores to fuel the terrorist value chain. SMART grew into a powerful tool to assist operators in the difficult task of determining if a cargo container could pass the security inspection or should be stopped for further scrutiny. TruView™ X-Ray Software grew out of SMART as a powerful and innovative software that is included in all TruView™ X-Ray Inspection Systems.

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    Extensively tested for functionality and ease-of-use, all TruView™ products ensure a simpler, more useful and enjoyable experience.
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