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WEDNESDAY | APRIL 8, 2015 | 10AM PST | 30MIN


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In this webinar, the Creative Electron team will answer the most challenging questions related to SMT assembly and inspection. This tutorial is a must for technical teams looking for specific answers to challenging assembly and inspection questions and business teams trying to understand how quality impacts the bottom line.

During this webinar you will have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with experts in the SMT field.

  1. NEW Case Study: counterfeit electronics explode your profits
  2. NEW: Statistical analysis as an essential tool to manage your production
  3. Case Study: how lack of quality killed a successful LED company. 
  4. How LED material handling and storage impact assembly performance. 
  5. LED x-ray inspection: how voids cost you money. 
  6. Process design for BGA and QFN assembly and rework. 
  7. X-ray as a tool for quality process design and control. 
  8. BGA and QFN x-ray inspection: how to see what often goes wrong.