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Why Creative Electron?

Yes, we are innovative. Yes, our customer support is best in class. Yes, our products are amazing. 

In a world where every company sounds the same, it's hard to tell them apart. We're geeks at heart, so let's talk numbers:

- 3-year warranty.

- 85% Referral Rate: word of mouth is how we sell x-ray machines. 

- 99% Satisfaction: the vast majority of our customers are satisfied customers.

- 98% Repeat Business: once a customer, we work very hard to keep you as a customer.

- 600-Mile Supply Chain: that's how far we need to go to supply most materials for our machines.

You know these numbers don't happen by accident. It takes an amazing team focused on making sure you have the right x-ray machine for your application. A team that is honest; a team that is as happy to recommend our machines as it is to refer you to another vendor.

Honesty means that sometimes you'll not be our customer. But that's ok, because it also means that you'll call us back next time you need an x-ray machine. 

Honesty means that where, who, and how we make things matter. It matters that our machines are all made in USA. It matters that our team is obsessed with making the best x-ray machines in the world. We hold these values true to our core - true to what makes our jobs meaningful.   

We are very proud of the machines we build and the processes we created to build them. And we'd love to share that with you, so come by for a visit!