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X-Ray Systems Safety Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

Did you know that the FDA requires your x-ray machine to be inspected every year? This is a requirement because it assures you and your team that your x-ray machine is running properly and safely.

Please contact us immediately at or call us at 760.752.1192 to get a quote for your annual inspection. Our team of engineers and technicians routinely provides safety inspection services not only for our TruView Systems, but we also provide these services for x-ray machines from any supplier. 

What’s included in this inspection?

One of our qualified engineers will travel to your facility to perform a complete inspection of your x-ray machine. This inspection includes:

- Safety Inspection: Comprehensive survey of the system using a special radiation detector. All other safety features of the system are also inspected and calibrated. 

- Preventive Maintenance: Key features of the system are checked for potential maintenance needs. This forecast helps you budget for future needs of your x-ray system. Preventive maintenance using original factory parts not only assure peak performance of your machine, but can also extend the overall lifetime of your system. 

- Certification Compliance: Most quality standards - ISO, AS, GMP - require inspection systems to be calibrated regularly. Lack of calibration can jeopardize renewal of these certifications. 

Creative Electron certified technicians are trained and qualified to perform this inspection on any x-ray system. Upon completion, a certificate of compliance is issued as proof that your x-ray system is in compliance with all federal and state laws. This certificate must be issued annually, and it is a requirement for legal operation of x-ray systems in the US.