It is easy to buy an x-ray machine!

If you’re looking for the only USA-made x-ray parts counter that is ready to interface to your ERP/MRP system, the answer is easy: TruView™ Parts Counter AI.
However, if you’re looking for an x-ray system for any other application, the answer might not be that easy. But don’t worry, our team of experts will help you find the best machine for your application.
Here are some of the criteria we’ll discuss with you:
– Sample size: the larger the sample, the larger the x-ray cabinet you’ll need.
– Sample density: denser samples need more power from the x-ray tube.
– Resolution: higher resolution allows you to resolve more details of your sample.
– Magnification: how small are the features you need imaged?
– Throughput: how many samples do you need inspected per day?
– Defect detection automation: do you need the x-ray machine to make pass/fail decisions? Or will an operator make these decisions?
Contact us today, together we’ll find your perfect x-ray machine!

Which TruView™ X-Ray is right for you?

Sometimes the perfect x-ray machine for your application is one of our off-the-shelf units, like the TruView™ Prime or TruView™ Fusion. However, there are applications that require a custom solution. To keep your custom x-ray machine within budget, we leverage our own manufacturing of off-the-shelf system to build your custom solution.
The example in this video shows you how we customized a TruView™ Fusion cabinet to inspect samples fed through the system using a conveyor belt. The system then takes x-ray images with a field of view of 16”x16”.
Unlike other companies, we will not fit your application to whatever machine they want to sell you today. Instead, we’ll start with your application and find (or design) the right machine for you.
We work for you, not the other way around.

How intelligent is your x-ray machine?

Our expertise in algorithm development goes far beyond the limits of most x-ray companies. Here are some of the special powers in our custom TruView™ machines with our TruView™ AI Software. Keep in mind all these features are fully automated – no operator interaction needed:
– Finds small cracks and dents in a very complex military mechanical assembly.
– Measures the ID/OD of a catheter running through the TruView™ machine at 0.5m/s.
– Passes or fails medical device based on parts presence and placement.
– Inspects refurbished smartphones to find missing/extra screws and a number of other inconsistencies.
– Fails inspection if contents of a package are not are what we expected.
– Finds counterfeit components inside refurbished smartphones.
The examples keep on going… contact us today to learn how we can make your x-ray intelligent!

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