CFX on Electronics Factory Floor working with TruView Fusion AXI

IPC CFX, Connected Factory Exchange, standard is the backbone for IPC Industry Manufacturing 4.0 in the electronics industry. Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing 4.0 are used in a similar term to represent the Smart Factory of today and the future.  The manufacturing industry is always striving for more efficient processes to enable high quality, fast assembly and lower cost. The best way to enable these efficient processes is continuous Improvement of each step. How do you start the process of improvement? First you need to be able to gather the proper data from your machines and processes. To enable that communication between the machines in the line of electronics SMT manufacturing process in Industry 4.0 IPC has CFX. CFX, Connected Factory Exchange, is a standard for machine to machine communication for more analytics to past to machine to machine to better resolve problems quicker and better data sets that communicate problems more fully. In the SMT industry these items of pass, fail and maybe are communicated with inline inspection systems at SPI, AOI, and AXI. The maybe situation is always an evolving standard that is in all manufacturing of all types.

Creative Electron’s new TruView™ Fusion AXI system works with CFX to give data to others with the JSON data and AMQP transportation Protocol to know where the problem starts and how far it goes for traceability. These data sets are standardized with a defined data content and structure of messages for all manufacturing topics within SMT manufacturing. The Benefits, according to IPC are one interface for complete visibility, reduced costs, and complexity. Machine vendors can further optimize machine based on a wider knowledge base. IT solutions work in a “plug and play” environment. The topic is no longer a pie dream, but a beginning of a smart factory that has machines talking to each other than the simple SMEMA protocol.

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