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2020: Reflection and Appreciation

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Dear team,

Oh, 2020, what a year (deep breath… sigh). We have so much to reflect on, both to mourn and to be thankful for. The global pandemic has made an indelible mark on us all, and we, like everyone else, are changed forever.  With the year nearly behind us, and light at the end of the tunnel, we take a moment to look back as well as look forward.

First, to all those who suffered loss, my heart is with you, truly. I too feel the weight of suffering and loss of friends and family members to the Coronavirus. It is also not lost on me how fortunate we are that our company was only minimally disrupted, while we witness so many around us whose businesses (and in many cases, life’s work) were crippled by the ripple effects of the pandemic response.

We are made up of a unique and talented team of makers and doers, and 2020 served to reveal your tenacity and dedication. I am so thankful for the unity of purpose that you demonstrated in supporting our mission. That’s what makes us so bullish about the future and to be able to grow our team in preparation for a bright tomorrow. Thank you, team!

Of course, none of what we accomplish is possible without our customers and partners. I thank them for sticking with us as the challenges of the past year emerged. It was their confidence in us, their commitment in the form of orders as well as patience and trust that allowed us to rethink our manufacturing process, really utilize our domestic supply chain, and continue to deliver products and services without a hitch. We look forward to being part of their continued success!

We approach 2021 still facing many of the same challenges, but more adept at addressing them. We’ve learned many lessons that will help us better serve our customers as the recovery takes hold. We will emerge from this pandemic a better and stronger company.

I’m very proud of all of you.


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