3-Year Warranty*: Our Product. Your Peace of Mind.


The tagline we used in our advertising and promotion of the warranty was not created in a smoke-filled room at some swanky ad agency on Maddison Avenue. It was created by our team because it is fundamentally the reason we gave the warranty in the first place. Our product, our confidence, our quality, and our experience, have all combined to deliver piece of mind to our customers when they purchase a machine.
We have provided the warranty because we believe in the solutions we provide and because we are confident that they will operate robustly, consistently and reliably in our customers’ hands for a long time with minimal maintenance.
Our products are designed and brought to life in our facility in San Marcos, California. This 3-year warranty starts with the detailed design of each machine by our engineering team. Our manufacturing team precisely assembles each TruView X-Ray machine, which is then carefully maintained by our service team.
This is our standard of dedication to you.

*Offer valid for x-ray machines sold and installed in the USA.

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