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Our New Superpower: 3D Laser Vision


We’ve been enthusiastic about partnering with Cognex, and incorporating their machine vision tools into many of our custom TruView™ X-ray inspection systems.  With the introduction of Cognex 3D, we are absolutely bullish.  These new tools allow for complex object measurement including height, circumference, and angles of multiple features.

Cognex’s unique new vision system combines 3D laser displacement technology with a smart camera allowing factory engineers to quickly, accurately, and cost effectively solve a wide variety of inspections.  Creative minds here are already imagining combining this technology with our advanced X-ray inspection systems for what may become a low cost, high speed alternative other inspection technologies.  Combining Cognex 3D inline with a powerful TruView™ X-ray  inspection system could provide external defect detection of EV batteries, for example, identifying problems such as dented or scratched surfaces while also inspecting them for critical internal features.  Integrating these technologies can provide seriously powerful quality assurance tools for a broad range of applications at a remarkably low cost.

Share with us your complex inspection challenge, and our team will utilize all the tools at our disposal, now including Cognex 3D vision technology, to create your ideal solution.  Request a consultation today.

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