TruView™ AI Software: Automatically Find Defects – Fast!

It has been several years since we started developing image analysis algorithms for a wide range of x-ray applications using state-of-the-art machine learning, artificial intelligence, and neural networks. It all started with a Homeland Security program over a decade ago, when we first applied these algorithms to the automated detection of counterfeit components. Since then, we have deployed image analysis algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) engines for a wide range of applications. A very popular use of image analysis algorithms, for example, is with our custom x-ray units, where these algorithms serve to assist (or replace) operators in finding defects.

Make Your X-Ray Machine Intelligent

TruView AI Software

The TruView™ AI Software package is a customized to your application to solve the industry’s most challenging problems. Here’re a few of the applications where TruView™ AI Software has been able to completely replace an operator in determining if a sample is good or bad:
– Finds small cracks and dents in a very complex military mechanical assembly.
– Measures the ID/OD of a catheter running through the TruView™ machine at 0.5m/s.
– Passes or fails medical device based on parts presence and placement.
– Inspects refurbished smartphones to find missing/extra screws and a number of other inconsistencies.
– Fails inspection if contents of a package are not are what we expected.
– Finds counterfeit components inside refurbished smartphones.