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A look inside the iPad Pro Magic Keyboard with iFixit

What do Creative Electron’s X-ray images contribute to the work of the iFixit team? According to Kevin Purdy‘s blog, “These scans help us get ahead on opening up devices by seeing what clips, wires, or other traps might await us.” Before they make the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro one of their teardown victims, we help iFixit get a look inside.

This keyboard is pretty intricate, with some assemblies and features that the iFixit team is yet to pin down.  Get a look at their review and the awesome images Creative Electron provided, and see of you can’t help them crowd source answers to some of the questions that came up.

The images reveal the new “old” scissor switches in the keyboard, believed to be an improvement over models featuring the somewhat troubled butterfly switches.  Kevin states that “this is the least complicated thing we can see on the Magic Keyboard, and it’s probably the biggest improvement.”

A new track pad design is also readily apparent.  Their disassembly of the track pad is a nice example of how, while X-ray gives insight into how something works, sometimes theirs just no substitute for prying things apart.

The charging port conveniently located on the hinge. This allows for a stronger jack without sacrificing a thin profile on one of the panels. You can also see the wiring over to the Smart Connector, meaning that your charging cord can rest on the table instead of dangle off the middle of the side of your iPad Pro. The Smart Connector taps into a small magnetic connector on your Ipad Pro that is barely noticeable if you aren’t looking for it.

Between the charging port and the Smart Connector is the control board. Not as much going on here as the latest iPhone, but there are plenty of very small, active components without a square millimeter to spare and several flex connectors reaching out in every direction. On the left is the connector to the touchpad, on the top is one that turns around and connects to the keys, and on the right is the power for the back lighting on the keypad.

I hope you found this X-ray tour interesting. Don’t forget to check back with iFixit for a further teardown.

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