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Advanced and Secure: TruView™ IP for Legacy X-ray Systems

Your legacy X-ray system (Nicolet, FocalSpot, Faxitron, Glenbrook, or any other) is perfectly functional, but the computer died or is about to die. Perhaps your X-ray machine is still running a Windows XP or Windows 7 PC, and so for security reasons can’t be on your network. Did you lose the “dongle” that allows you to operate the imaging software. Maybe you’re looking for the latest Apps to help you inspect your samples.

Creative Electron’s TruView™ Image Processor (TruView™ IP) is the solution for breathing new life into your existing X-ray inspection equipment. Many legacy X-ray systems, some from now-defunct manufacturers, are still capable of producing satisfactory images, but for their antiquated computers/image processors. TruView™ IP is a universal solution for updating or salvaging the imaging capabilities of older, otherwise sound X-ray machines. Upgrade your legacy X-ray system with TruView™ IP, and get modern image analysis tools without breaking the bank.

With TruView™ IP, your legacy X-ray system can safely connect to your network with all the security of the latest Windows 10 operating system.  It is a complete plug-and-play solution, including both software and hardware.  TruView™ IP technical support is provided by Creative Electron’s US-based software team.   Our service team has extensive experience supporting many makes of legacy X-ray system, and can train your operators to fully utilize your system using the suit of tools included with TruView™ IP.  And if your system needs service or repair, we can help with that too.

If you want to make the most of your legacy X-ray system, please reach out today.  Our team is here to help with all your X-ray inspection needs.


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