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Strange Visitors

Strange Visitors

Dr. Bill Cardoso, Scott Allen, Ben Monkhouse, David Kruidhoff

In the book ‘The Cat In The Hat’, by Dr. Seuss, two bored kids are transported from the ordinary to the extraordinary by a knock on the door. Such is the case of what we experienced. We at Creative Electron pride ourselves in developing and manufacturing high-quality American made proprietary x-ray technology. So, imagine our excitement by a visit from Scotty Allen – American blogger, software engineer and famous tech guru, and host of the YouTube channel, “Strange Parts”. You’ve probably seen this mad genius. If not, you should. His videos consist of DIY technology projects and his traveling documentaries. An example of his tech prowess, in 2017 he constructed an iPhone 6S from individual components sold in Huaqiangbei, China! Thus, Strange Parts!

How I Made My Own iPhone in China

As a former software engineer in Silicon Valley, Scotty Allen decided to travel the world in search of the novel and the obscure. After seeking adventure – like riding a bike through Laos and Cambodia, building and racing land yachts, planting coral underwater in Borneo – Scotty began another quest: seeking out the weird and wonderful. Somewhere on that path, he found Creative Electron. And we are so happy and proud that he did. He wanted to visit our factory and see for himself what the mad scientists of CE were up to! Of course, we welcomed Scotty with open arms and open minds.



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