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Apple iPhone 12 Teardown X-ray Images

Product launches always catch our attention, especially when it’s something as widely anticipated as a new iPhone.  We got a look inside the new Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, as we provided X-ray images in support of iFixit’s latest teardown.


You don’t need X-ray vision to see the “throwback” square case, but it easily reveals the different frame matierials; aluminum for the 12, and stainless steel for the 12 pro.  Our images clearly show one of the iPhone 12’s key features, its MagSafe wireless charging.  Speaking of charging, with the uproar over the lack of an included charger, we do give a look inside the one that you may purchase separately.  The iPhone 12 and 12 Pro get high marks for ease of screen repair and battery replacement, though other repairs can be more challenging.  Get all the details from iFixit’s complete teardown here, and see the iPhone 12’s repairability score.

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