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Apple’s “new” iPhone

Have you had a chance to get your hands on the new Apple iPhone 8 / 8+ and Series 3 Watch? Here’s the next best thing! Creative Electron teamed up with iFixit and Circuitwise to bring you an incredible look into the new Apple line up! This year we met up in Australia to bring you teardowns, x-rays and all-around Apple madness! The x-ray images for this collaboration come courtesy of our TruView Prime X-ray inspection system.

Short of irreversibly damaging modern electronic devices via disassembly, x-rays continue to be the optimal inspection solution. X-rays allow us to see the increasing encapsulation of the manufacturing processes, designed among other things, to keep out dust and water. Non-destructive x-ray inspection helps us keep tabs on changes manufacturers make or in some cases, don’t make. This year we flew down under to get our hands on the new iPhone8 and 8+. The second we analyzed the new iPhone 8 with the TruView™ Prime system we felt an uneasy feeling of déjà vu. The new iPhone, except for an inductive charging coil, looks eerily identical to its predecessor.

In all fairness, Apple did make some major changes. The new A11 (Bionic) processor is faster and more energy efficient than the A10. The speaker is louder and Apple’s True Tone adaptive screen technology is now integrated into the 8+ display. The most noticeable change is the glass back. The Apple logo is now invisible via x-ray because it is no longer etched onto an aluminum surface. Creative Electron has informed Tim Cook about this newfound lack of exposure via our internationally syndicated blog.

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