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    • A forklift (and forklift operator) is needed to move the machine to its final location. CEI Technicians are not allowed to touch the machine until it is at its final location. Keep in mind door width, corner width and/or moving the machine to another floor.
    • If you purchased a benchtop system a bench (> 2000 lbs.) is required for setup. Bench is not included, unless Workstation Package was purchased.
    • All systems must be plugged into a surge protector. All systems require accessibility to an AC outlet (power strip recommended).
    • For networking, please schedule IT team member to be available during our visit. Any IT changes after the visit may result in down time.
    • For custom systems, please review your proposal to ensure access to all necessary items (i.e. compressed air supply).
    • Failure to provide any of the above may result in a rescheduled service visit at the customer’s expense.

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    *Please Note: When working with CEI employees, face coverings and social distancing are required*

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