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Are Your Filled Doughnuts Filled?


During breaks in our newly reopened cafeteria, here at Creative Electron world headquarters, there began a rumbling.  Rumors started to circulate of underfilled (and thus, underperforming) jelly doughnuts. We quickly dispatched an HR intern to our longtime doughnut supplier, It’s in the Hole Bakery, to investigate.  In the Hole owner, Guiseppe Jones, assured our intern that, while it was true that supply chain issues had caused a jelly shortage, his doughnuts were still 100% filled.

Unmoved by our intern’s report, a number of our doughnut connoisseurs marched over to the office of  Creative Electron’s Oracle of X-ray, Andrew Scott, with a fresh box.  Using his unrivaled X-ray applications skill, Mr. Scott undertook a careful examination of the boxes contents (accounts differ at to whether or not there was sampling).


Mmm… you can practically taste the cinnamon


In order to calibrate the inspection of the “dough” portion of the doughnut, the examination began with a twist.  A cinnamon twist, to be precise.

Once the light, airy, freshness of the dough was accounted for in systems settings, it was on to the main event.  All of the jelly-filled doughnuts we inspected for consistency of the filling, density, and void analysis was performed to evaluate any significant air pockets within the filling (the team agreed on 18% voiding as the pass/fail threshold for jelly filling).

Generous jelly filling with minimal voiding


Guiseppe was pleased to learn that, following our automated analysis of a bakers dozen of his filled doughnuts, not a single one failed.  In the Hole is vindicated and still our go-to doughnut vendor, and our staff is satisfied in more ways than one.   But, it really begs the question, what the heck do you want to inspect?  No sample is too weird for The X-ray People, so reach out to the team at Creative Electron today!

Note: While some may have been eaten, no doughnuts were otherwise harmed in the making of this blog post.

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