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Attention Chip Distributors: Trade Up Before Year’s End

With the persistent semiconductor shortage, independent component distributors are experiencing unprecedented new opportunities.  Speaking of opportunities, as we approach year’s end, making the move to upgrade your X-ray inspection system can result in substantial tax benefits.

Manufacturers who have never needed to shop secondary markets are looking for critical components wherever they can find them.  But many of these potential new clients have extremely high standards for authentication, and earning their trust requires being at the top of your game.

Whether you need to trade in your legacy X-ray machine or add an additional system, upgrades to your authentication practices can help you win some of these important new customers.  With the fourth quarter upon us, it’s time to take advantage of the potential tax benefits of purchasing or leasing equipment before year’s end.  Whether you are advised to take advantage of Bonus Depreciation or Section 179, the tax benefits of making an equipment purchase as an investment in your business can result in substantial immediate benefit to your bottom line, but only if equipment can be delivered on time.

Because Creative Electron refurbishes and remarkets legacy X-ray equipment in-house, we are able to offer maximum trade-in value for your older X-ray system.  Because the value of your trade-in is largely a function of its condition, trading-up while your machine is still fully functional will maximize it’s worth.  You will also avoid the pain of down time, and having to make a rush decision on a replacement system, not to mention the cost of disposal.  Oh, and it’s worth noting, if you get a new system before year’s end, you can take advantage of tax incentives such as section 179.

Please reach out today for an evaluation of how much your older X-ray system may be worth in trade.  We’d love to show you, too, how much a trade-up can contribute to your operation.

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