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Autonomous X-ray inspection is emerging as the key tool in quality control, high tech manufacturing, and inventory management. For example, in medical device manufacturing, where strict quality requirements demand the highest degree of accuracy, autonomous or semi-autonomous X-ray inspection can replace or augment inspections by operators, buttressing against the limitations of human attention and fatigue. Autonomous inspection also allows for faster inspection, decision making, and reporting. Artificial intelligence enables X-ray systems to quickly inspect, evaluate, and report on any number of specified features, be it presence or absence, alignment, defects, or even authenticity. This makes it ideal for a wide variety of manufactured products from lifesaving armor plates to recreational equipment such as golf balls and clubs.

X-ray inspection has long played a role in combatting counterfeiting, and now the power of automation is enhancing its fraud-fighting capabilities. Automated X-ray inspection is being adopted by eCommerce leaders for validating inventory and interdicting fraudulent returns. When integrated into a reverse logistics operation, automated X-ray systems can rapidly inspect and validate returns without even removing items from secondary or primary packaging. ROI is remarkably short on such systems, as they reduce the backlog, save on labor cost, and maximized retained value of product returns.

It requires some imagination to understand how autonomous X-ray inspection can support your manufacturing, quality control, or logistics process. The team at Creative Electron is an expert in designing and integrating automated X-ray systems tailored to your exact requirements. Contact us today, and weʼll see what we can imagine together.

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