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Batteries have been a critical element in technological innovation. They have freed us from power cords on our phones, computers, and vacuums and are even powering our cars. One of the key ratings for each product is how long it lasts between each charge.

But with innovation comes risk and we have all seen the toll of failures of batteries on flagship products. And, as the price increases on quality, genuine parts, the counterfeit market grows. Therefore, ensuring that refurbishments are using genuine parts is critical.

TruView™ X-ray systems can be used to inspect batteries for all sorts of defects, including foreign object debris (FOD), overlapping or deflected electrodes, location and size of contact tabs, and other features.

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Dry Cell

Having consistent power storage in batteries is important to customers. Checking for variable density within a cell indicates irregularities in manufacturing that can lead to a problem.

Cylindrical Roll Cell

A Swiss roll or jelly roll cell is made by rolling up a single sheet of separator, cathode, and anode. Confirming the integrity of the layers is critical to its performance.

Layered Cell

With a layered cell, confirming the strict alignment of the separator, anode, and cathode becomes critical. Deflected anodes can potentially lead to internal short circuits.