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BGA: The ball and chain of engineers.

One of the most notorious component failures in manufacturing is a faulty Ball Grid Array. Any line manager or engineer will tell you that there are too many things that can cause a BGA to fail. When one fails it is very rarely analyzed to identify the exact source of the failure or even the nature of the defective component. At Creative Electron, we know all too well the missed opportunities many manufacturers encounter to not only identify failure, but prevent future component defects. Nondestructive X-ray testing can identify the nature of, and exact cause of failure in a BGA. The process we utilize involves our TruView™ software’s integrated BGA analysis tool. While we do offer our software package for older legacy devices, we analyzed the BGA below with our TruView™ Prime 90kV.

The image below is a capture of our BGA Inspector application in action! Setting up parameters is as easy as drawing a region of interest and adjusting a couple of sliders. The results can be exported in a report or analyzed in the software. Multiple criteria can be applied to individual ball components. For this report, we can see cause of failure among: ball area, diameter, eccentricity and voiding. Selecting a specific ball from our previously drawn ROI activates more options for individual ball inspection. These tools include contouring, 3D visualizations (see below) as well as horizontal and vertical slicing. In this case, all of the balls failed due to excessive voiding (above 20%)

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