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Body Armor News Feature


Quality assurance is at the core of what we do at Creative Electron, and the problems we solve for our customers vary widely. And while we take pride in all the work we do, our collective chests swell a bit with certain projects. We take particular pride, for example, in our automated X-ray solutions for body armor plate manufacturers. It’s especially gratifying to know that we are, in our small way, helping to protect those who protect all of us.

Of course, a bit of recognition is welcome too, so being featured in Body Armor News is a treat. Their piece nicely highlights the many benefits of automated X-ray inspection of body armor plates. Because operators simply load plates onto a conveyor, and AI software automatically evaluates the X-ray images, throughput is improved while reducing the likelihood of errors. Kyle Reese would probably describe it best; “it does not feel tired, or hungry, or need a bathroom break. And it absolutely will not stop until every armor plate had been inspected.”


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