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Bowling with Veritasium

We work hard everyday at Creative Electron, producing X-ray systems that serve a broad array of industries.  So, when our new friends at Veritasium invited us to go bowling, it was a welcome break.

Okay, so they didn’t exactly ask us to go bowling, but they did enlist our help in investigating the unique internal features of bowling balls.  It was a fun challenge for our applications team, and for this one they had to get a bit creative.  Bowling balls are heavy and dense, so penetrating them and drawing out their special internal features required both power and finesse.

Unlike our golf ball study, where measuring core concentricity (in order to ensure ideal performance) was the order of the day, bowling balls are manufactured with internal features called weight blocks.  These weight blocks are carefully designed and located within the balls.  They determine a ball’s radius of gyration as the ball is spinning, affecting how the ball responds to the surface of the lane.

We had a ton of fun working on this unique application.  Thanks to the team at Veritasium for the opportunity to collaborate.  Thanks also to Storm for providing the sample balls that were so interesting to look at (and smelled great too!).

Storm Dark Code

The Creative Electron team thrives on imagination and yes, creativity.  If you have something interesting that you’d like to get a look inside, we invite you to reach out too.

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