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Breathing New Life into Your Legacy X-ray Machine

If you find yourself relying on an old workhorse of an X-ray system, but it’s not quite getting the job done, you may have an alternative to simply replacing it.  The collective experience and knowledge of our Customer Care team here at Creative Electron allows us to offer extensive repair and refurbishment of legacy X-ray machines of virtually any age or condition.  By providing proper care and feeding, our expert service technicians can restore and maintain your system to match or even exceed its original factory specifications.  Creative Electron continues to support many early model X-ray systems including FocalSpot, Nicolet, Glenbrook Technology, CR Technology, Faxitron and more.

Ongoing support for these machines takes many forms but safety comes first.  To ensure continued safe operation, regular radiation surveys and safety checks are essential.  This is why most states require and the FDA recommends an annual radiation survey as well as a new one every time a system is moved. It not unusual, after many years of use, to see damage to cabinets, doors, or leaded glass that may be allowing a radiation leak, especially if a system has been moved, or otherwise bumped around.  These defects can typically be repaired, but may go undiscovered absent a radiation survey… radiation leaks leave no puddles.  These surveys are a key part of our preventative maintenance calls, which also include evaluating and adjusting the imaging train, and motion systems so that machine is performing optimally.

As these systems age, the imaging capability can deteriorate.  X-ray tubes, image intensifiers, and cameras can all degrade to some degree with use.  Tuning adjustments made during preventative maintenance can help restore performance, but sometimes replacements are in order.  Replacing these components can, in some cases, be an opportunity to upgrade the system beyond its original capabilities with a better preforming X-ray source and/or detectors.

In some cases, your imaging train performance may be just fine, but your older software may not have the tools you need to take full advantage of the system capabilities.  Many such machines can be upgraded with contemporary computer hardware and Creative Electron’s TruView™ 11 software to exceed their original imaging analysis capabilities.  Upgrading computer hardware has the added advantage of running on the latest, networkable, fully supported operating system.

Operator training is another key element in support of legacy X-ray machines. Whether training new staff or honing the skills of experienced operators, instruction in utilizing these X-ray systems to the fullest will help your team get maximum productivity out of this valuable asset.  Our service team can train your operators in best practices with legacy imaging software, or provide training on our TruView™ 11 imaging software upgrades.  Either way, we will help your team develop inspection and analysis skills tailored to your specific inspection needs.

Finally, if your legacy X-ray machine is no longer up to the task, it may still have real value. Rather than paying hazardous material disposal fees, we be happy to discuss trade in of your old system for credit towards a new system that would better meet your needs And your new Creative Electron system will be backed by an industry leading three year warranty, and the same great care our team provides these legacy machines.  Reach out now for an evaluation.

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