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A Brief History of Cell Phones – in X-ray Images

Cell phones  – and now smartphones – have had an ubiquitous presence in our lives for decades now. In this post we take a look on several phones of the past decade, and how they look under the x-ray. We used a TruView Prime to take x-ray pictures of all these phones. Have fun down memory lane!

Nokia 1100a – November 2003

Kyocera ke433 – January 2004Kyocera-KE443-Rave-photo-x-ray

LG a275 – June 2007LG-A275-photo-x-ray

Blackberry Curve 8330 – September 2007

Blackberry-Curve-8330-photo-x-rayiPhone 3G – June 2008

Samsung SPH-M800 – June 2008

Nokia 6350-1B – October 2009

Motorola DROID X – June 2010Motorola_Droid_X-photo-x-ray

HTC PD53100 – January 2011HTC-PD53100-photo-x-ray

Motorola Droid Razr – November 2011MotorolaRazr-photo-x-ray

iPhone 5 – September 2012