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Celebrating STEM & STEAM!

National STEM/STEAM Day

As an organization, Creative Electron is essentially a collections of the curious, innovative, somewhat geeky, and of course, creative.  As such, we relish the continued promotion of STEM education, and it’s emphasis on encouraging young people to engage in the things we love.  It’s why we are so excited to celebrate national STEM/STEAM day!

STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is the key to driving innovation and bridging the so called “skills gap.”  STEM careers are satisfying, in demand, and well paying jobs. Exposing children and young adults to the exciting opportunities across the STEM fields benefits them and it benefits all of us.  It one of the reasons Creative Electron is so supportive of STEM education in out local community.

Also, we’re not called Creative Electron for nothing.  Creativity is among our core values, and is essential to our success.  We are pleased to see the addition of the A (Art) to STEM education.  The power of art to stimulate creative thinking makes a critical contribution to STEAM education in maximizing the problem solving ability of the tools of traditional STEM.

Hooray for STEM/STEAM day!

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