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Change Notice Pod: Remote X-Ray Analysis with Cloud-Based AI

Creative Electron’s David Kruidhof  joined  Instrumental’s Tobias Harrison-Noonan for their  Change Notice podcast..  They discussed how Instrumental and Creative Electron help top electronics brands in the use of  X-Ray imaging to unlock the magic of non-destructive inspection.

The conversation included an overview of X-ray inspection technology, and a variety of common (as well as some uncommon) applications. In addition, they review specific use cases, including how Creative Electron and Instrumental collaborated with Puffco, the maker of cannabis consumption devices and accessories, to create a blind assembly process on a new consumer vaping product when traditional inspection techniques had become inefficient or impossible.

View the complete webinar here.  It’s a great introduction to sophisticated new methods for leveraging AI, machine vision, X-Ray tools and more.   Please reach out with any questions about how these technologies can be applied to your manufacturing process.

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