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Product Spotlight: Component Verification X-ray Systems

Component Verification X-ray Systems

Your business depends on trust, and so does ours. Trust is the reason that Creative Electron remains the leader in component inspection for counterfeit detection. For more than a decade, the electronic industry’s leading distributor have relied on TruView™ X-ray systems as part of a robust component validation process. We’ve worked closely with industry, regulatory and academic interests, listening carefully to their needs. Now in its 7thgeneration, the result is a state-of-the-art system capable of rapid, automated inspection incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning for unmatched performance.

The TruView™ Prime R2R (Reel to Reel) is designed to meet the high-speed, high-accuracy requirements of the industry’s most trusted component distributors. This fully automated system images every component on a reel, tape or tray. Our custom image comparison algorithm automatically non-conformities to flag potential counterfeited parts in the batch. Its improved user interface allows for faster set-up, and improved ease of use. Continued enhancement of tube and detectors gives this TruView™ unrivaled image quality. Faster inspection times mean this system provides a shorter ROI than any other system available.

See the TruView™ Prime R2R and other TruView™ Prime configurations here.  Please reach out today with any questions or for more information.

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