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Computed Tomography

In high-reliability fields like military, medical, aerospace, and automotive, x-ray inspection systems must be precise and accurate down to the smallest measurement. There are lives depending on it. With the TruView™ CT Systems, we guarantee that your medical devices will be accurately inspected for anomalies to prevent potential malfunctions.

As the complexity of the devices we make grows, so does the need for 3D x-ray inspection. Thus, instead of the 2-dimensional image produced by a standard transmissive x-ray machine, the TruView™ CT inspection system produces a digital solid representation of the your sample. Once this high-definition digital representation is constructed, you have the ability to slice through any dimension of the object to resolve even the smallest features of your product.

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Connectors with a lot of pins can be hard to differentiate with a 2D image generated by a single transmissive X-ray shot. CT allows you to move through layer by layer to analyze each pin and ensure a good connection on each one.


The automotive industry has a wide range of uses for CT systems. From determining the porosity of castings to the integrity of cable harnesses and electronic assemblies, CT systems allow you to resolve failures in complex builds.


The aerospace industry is full of critical components. Inspecting for porosity in castings for strength and the integrity of cable harnesses are prime examples of the usefulness of CT systems.


Lives depend on the accuracy of military systems. TruView™ CT systems can be used to generate 3D renderings of tools such as munitions and navigation systems are all mission critical.

Sporting Goods

When working with spheres and complicated structures with several layers, CT provides a depth of detail that 2D simply cannot provide.


Small electronic systems can be rendered in 3D to provide an extra layer of information that is lacking in 2D transmissive X-ray.