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Cool Beans, Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy Buds have had a good history of repairability, so our friends at iFixit went into this teardown with some optimism.  The X-ray images provide by Creative Electron certainly didn’t dampen their hopes; revealing a few screws is usually a good sign. Here’s a spinning bean for you!


Curious to see the Buds inside the case? Here’re it is!


Both the buds and the charging case proved relatively easy to open, and with a little prying and a few screws removed, both batteries were successfully removed.  Here’s their video for the details and to get iFixit’s final verdict on repairability.

For extra credit, and a fantastic contrast, check out iFixit’s  Apple AirPod CT teardown.  Together these videos provide nice insight into approaches to repair accessibility, and some interesting details regarding recycling such products at end of life.

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