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Creative Electron CEO Bill Cardoso to speak at Tech Forum in Austin, Texas!

Bill Cordoso – CEO of Creative Electron

We at Creative Electron are proud to announce that our CEO, Bill Cardoso, will be presenting at the CTEA Electronics Expo in Austin, Texas on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 at 9:30 AM. @ Bill’s topic is “Identifying Defects on BTC Assemblies with X-ray Analysis.” As an expert on the subject, there is nobody more qualified to deliver this important and timely message. Under his direction, we provides specific technology to ensure each client has the exact X-ray machine to guarantee the highest reliability, quality and genuine components in the technology sector. Whether a stock machine or a custom system with proprietary software, Creative Electron offers the finest technology to ensure accurate parts counting, quality control, and unsurpassed counterfeit detection.

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