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Creative Electron launches new TruView AXI

Creative Electron launched its new line of automated x-ray inspection (AXI) equipment at the 2015 IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego. At the show, the company demonstrated the unique capabilities of the new TruView AXI.

The all new TruView AXI

“We spent the past two years working with our customers to develop an automated solution platform that meets and exceeds the x-ray inspection requirements of the surface mount industry, with emphasis in LED, BGA, QFN, and CSP analysis and diagnostics,” said Dr. Glen Thomas, Creative Electron’s VP of Marketing. Dr. Thomas added, “One of the key benefits of the Creative Electron TruView AXI’s performance is the flexibility – a major advantage for customers that are inspecting batteries and other mechanical assemblies.”
The new TruView AXI platform automatically captures and analyses x-ray images from PCBAs, providing consistent inspection results and eliminating operator error. What differentiates the TruView AXI from other systems in the market is a set of exclusive algorithms used to determine sample is defective or not. To further improve the operator’s ability to diagnose a PCBA, the TruView AXI includes ICARUS, Creative Electron’s image analysis software package. “The layering of image processing algorithms – AXI and ICARUS – gives the TruView AXI unique capabilities that will help our customers find defects in their assemblies with higher confidence than ever before,” said Griffin Lemaster, Creative Electron’s VP of Engineering.

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