Smart CT (Computed Tomography)

When 2D imaging doesn’t give enough detail, it’s time for computed tomography (CT).  CT is X-ray, but more accurately multiple X-ray images combined with volume rendering software tools that make digital 3D models.  It’s this important distinction that makes our new, modular, Smart CT possible.  

Smart CT module includes:

  • “Wow, I couldn’t see that before” image quality
  • High precision sample rotation device
  • The most user-friendly CT software in the industry
  • CT capabilities in a 2D X-ray system
  • Domestic design, manufacturing, and support

BGA Smart CT Rendering

BGA Smart CT Rendering

BGA X-ray Image (2D)

BGA X-ray Image (2.5D)

Creative Electron’s Smart CT module makes any TruView™ X-ray machine a CT System too.  That’s right, use your TruView™ X-ray for 2D imaging, and insert the Smart CT module when you need 3D imaging.  Quickly produce a 3D model by simply securing a sample in the precision rotation device.  Powerful volume rendering software makes viewing and slicing samples easy.  No need to have a separate CT system in addition to your 2D X-ray machine.

Our new modular Smart CT tools fit all TruView™ X-ray systems, as well as many other legacy X-ray brands.  For easy to use 2D and 3D X-ray imaging, choose TruView™ and Smart CT.

2D X-ray vs. 3D CT

There are a number of important uses of CT, including defect detection, failure analysis, and reverse engineering to name a few… 
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Smart CT

A 2D TruView™ X-ray image quickly and easily reveals defects like voids in this BGA, but the information is incomplete.  Adding the Smart CT module to a TruView™ or other 2D X-ray system can, when necessary, offer a more complete picture, and in the case of this BGA show the exact location of voids to help assess their potential impact.

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