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Do you take x-ray with your coffee?

What better way to celebrate this Father’s Day then a good cup of coffee? And what better than a live x-ray of coffee being made? Here’s a cool video our team recorded with one of our x-ray machines. You can see the process that turns water into coffee. Want to learn a bit more? Keep reading…


How the coffee maker works?

Nobody really knows when coffee was discovered. Early records show tribes talking about coffee in Ethiopia in the 11th century. Whoever figure it out for the first time, we thank these early pioneers for developing the fuel to our imagination!

To take the video you see here, we used a horizontal TruView x-ray inspection system. That means that the x-ray beam was horizontal, otherwise the percolator we used (coffee maker) would have to sit flat on the stage – causing all the coffee to spill all over the x-ray machine! Horizontal machines are very popular in applications like this – where you have to inspect the sample sitting up. And no, we didn’t install an oven inside the machine. Instead, we used a hot plate to make the coffee you see in this video. The video was taken as a sequence of x-ray images using a large format and fast x-ray sensor and a 130kV x-ray source.

As for the coffee making process itself, it all starts when you pour water on the lower chamber of the percolator. Coffee grounds (from Brazil, of course), are placed in the funnel, as seen in the following figure. As the bottom of the percolator heats up, the boiling water doesn’t have where to expand to… except the cylinder that runs from the bottom of the funnel to the second (upper) chamber in the percolator. What you see in the video is that water boiling in the lower chamber, thus moving up through the coffee grounds at high pressure. The result is the “shower” of fresh coffee that fills the upper chamber.

Now that you’ve seen how coffee is made thanks to the magic of x-ray imaging, time to get yourself a nice fresh cup! For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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