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Don’t Let the Supply Chain Derail Your Tax Deductible Purchases

We’ve all heard the warnings about getting our holiday gift shopping done early, especially if you are after the hottest toys of the season.  The continued supply chain disruption does require a bit more advanced planning, and it’s as true for tax-advantaged capital equipment purchases as it is for a LOL Surprise.

With the fourth quarter upon us, it’s time to start thinking Creatively about the potential tax benefits of purchasing or leasing equipment before year’s end.  Whether you are advised to take advantage of Bonus Depreciation or Section 179, the tax benefits of making an equipment purchase as an investment in your business can result in substantial immediate benefit to your bottom line, but only if equipment can be delivered on time.  Don’t miss out because of delays due to high-demand components or logistics constraints.

While the team at Creative Electron will do backflips to fulfill your X-ray system order by year’s end, current supply chain disruptions can present some real challenges.  Help us help you by planning that order as early as possible.  Reach out today to discuss your X-ray inspection needs.

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