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LIVE TWEET: Dr. Cardoso Presents: 2018 MD&M West

In addition to presenting the keynote speech at Pan Pacific Microelectronics Symposium this week, Dr. Cardoso will also speak at MD&M West in Anaheim.

MD&M West is the largest annual “med-tech” conference in North America. Dr. Cardoso will be on center stage to present on the automation of inventory management. As summarized by Dr. Cardoso, this presentation will, “embrace the overall infrastructure that needs to be in place to realize an accurate, fast, and efficient methodology for inventory control.”

Make sure you stop by to hear our presentation at MD&M West. We will be on Center Stage at 2pm on February 8th and follow our LIVE TWEET at @creativeelctrn.

For more information about the presentation contact us today.

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