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Ecommerce Boom Fraught with Risk – X-rays to the Rescue

Like a Bloodhound on the trail of an escaped convict, Dr. Bill Cardoso is always sniffing around for new uses of X-ray inspection.  And like that crime fighting canine, this time he’s using it to trip up some bad guys.  In his latest column for SMT007Week, Ecommerce Boom Fraught with Risk – X-rays to the Rescue, Dr. Cardoso examines the challenges of returns processing in the wake of  the unprecedented increase in online sales.

Would the genuine iPhone please stand up?

With the dramatic growth in ecommerce comes a multitude of returns, and greater opportunity for fraud.  Can you tell the real iPhone from the two fakes in the above image?  To learn which is which and how X-ray can help etailers quickly and easily discern the difference when processing returns, read Dr. Cardoso’s column.

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