Electronics Manufacturing Xray Inspection

EMS providers trust Creative Electron’s TruView™ xray inspection systems to improve their quality control efforts. These easy-to-use systems provide high-resolution imaging, with TruView™ software tools designed for electronics manufacturers inspection methods. Our xray inspection machine features micro focus xray tubes.

We are experienced making 2D xray systems for PCB manufacturing. We also offer 3D xray systems (CT). Whether you choose manual, inline xray inspection, or automated xray inspection, our xray inspection system will insure production of the best quality PCB assemblies. We know PCB manufacturing and have many designs to choose from. Let us build the exact TruView™ xray machine you need.

Our machines are made in USA, include a three year warranty, and we offer great service and support worldwide.


TruView™ X-ray systems come with:

  • “Show me the bond wire” image resolution
  • Real time X-ray with instantaneous image acquisition
  • Designed, manufactured, and supported in USA
  • Off the shelf, or fully custom integrations
  • TruView™ imaging software analysis tools for EMS

Counterfeit Detection

Bottom-Terminated Components (BFA, QFN, CSP)

Battery Inspection

TruView™ X-ray systems and software analysis provide the data needed to perfect your process.  With a range of standard products, we can meet your electronics manufacturing needs while respecting your budget.  Need a custom feature or software solution? Our in-house team of engineers can work with you to design your ideal inspection solution. 

Case Studies

Amphenol-Case-Study-Creative Electron


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