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EMS@C-LEVEL: Philip Stoten’s interview with Dr. Bill Cardoso

Philip Stoten is a journalist for Forbes and founder of SCOOP.  But it’s largely his background in electronics manufacturing that make him so well suited to interview Creative Electron founder and CEO, Dr. Bill Cardoso.  That’s just what he did for EMS@C-LEVEL, and the two have a great conversation about addressing the business challenges of Covid-19 through inspiration, determination and creativity.

Mr. Stoten was particularly interested in Creative Electron’s initial approach to the crisis, and how it took the company back to its roots, having, like so many nascent technology companies, been founded in a garage.  Dr. Cardoso and his team developed a network of small satellite manufacturing hubs (yes, some in garages) at or near the homes of its manufacturing team members.  The approach proved successful in allowing the team to professionally distance while maintaining manufacturing capability, and most importantly continuing to support customers.

Dr. Cardoso attributes the determination to press on during the pandemic, in part, as inspired by the concept of The 20 Mile March, popularized by Jim Collins in his book Great by Choice.  Collins suggests that it is a disciplined approach which separates winners from losers, particularly during times of disruption.  Dr. Cardoso also notes the importance of marching forward in as much as it benefits the psyche of the entire organization through the knowledge that the enterprise is working to thrive rather than just survive.

As the conversation turns to the disruptive nature of Covid-19, and the emergent changes, Dr. Cardoso notes his belief that “you have to be willing to disrupt your own business before somebody else does it for you.”  As an example, he shares about Creative Electron’s new X-ray as service approach via Virtual Xpert™, which allows users to control X-ray inspection of their samples remotely.  Samples are sent to Creative Electron, where applications experts load them into a system that clients control from their desktop, whether on their manufacturing floor or from their living room sofa.

It’s a terrific conversation; brief yet full of  insight.  See the interview here.

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