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Everyday is Manufacturing Day… and so is Today!


At Creative Electron, everyday is manufacturing day, but National Manufacturing Day is still special.  We like to take a little time to celebrate our own manufacturing team, as well as other who play a critical role in our continued success.

This year is extra special, as we emerge from the remote manufacturing cells that enabled our teams to work through the early lockdowns of 2020.  We are happy to be back at our above ground lair at a disclosed location in San Marco, California, USA.  Here our “Creatives” produce the finest X-ray inspection equipment known to man, and today feast on a little BBQ.

We also celebrate our suppliers, the vast majority of whom are also manufacturing in America.  With the recent disruptions, we’ve found our geographically minimalist supply chain to be a genuine strategic benefit.  We couldn’t do what we love with out them.

Hats off also, this fine day, to our customers.  Creative Electron’s X-ray inspection equipment helps manufacturers of all types. High tech electronics, life saving medical devices, sporting goods, and even pencils, all benefit from the power of high resolution X-ray imaging in ensuring that only the highest quality products reach consumers.

We are manufacturers, supported by manufacturers, empowering manufacturers.  Now that is worth celebrating. Want to learn how Creative Electron can empower your manufacturing, please reach out today.

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