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Fireside Chat: Unscheduled!

19278 Ford Model A EV

We’ve all seen and read the stories of cell phones and laptops bursting into flames, or the smoldering electric car on the side of the road.  These, and many other products often suffer such fate as a result of a common component, their lithium-ion battery packs.  Advancements in lithium-ion battery technology power some truly remarkable consumer products, but there are still real safety and reliability concerns.  It all hit a bit too close to home today for Dr. Bill Cardoso, host of our Fireside chat with the Xperts.

Dr. Cardoso spent years carefully converting his 1928 Ford Model A into an EV, and unfortunately, this morning he found himself hosting this impromptu Fireside Chat.  An apparent lithium-ion battery failure resulted in a fire that undid all that hard work.

But, as the fearless leader of “The X-ray People,” Bill is right back to work.  The team will be examining what remains of the battery pack and other components to see what can be learned from this failure.  X-ray inspection makes an important contribution to the quality assurance process in the manufacture of lithium-ion batteries.  Now we are going to see how it might aid in failure analysis.  Stay tuned!

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