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Forbes Highlights Creative Electron for Counterfeit Detection


The urgent risk of counterfeit components corrupting the supply chain is gaining attention as the semiconductor shortage persists.  This recent Forbes Magazine article tries to point those in procurement and manufacturing to some of the technologies that can help protect their products from being exposed to substandard parts.  We were particularly pleased that author Marco Annunziata noted the contribution of Creative Electron’s X-ray inspection systems.

With more than a decade of experience in developing inspection techniques and equipment specifically designed to support counterfeit abatement efforts, Creative Electron has unique expertise in identifying the suspect and substandard electronics components.  Dr. Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron’s founder, and CEO, shared with Mr. Annunziata his concerns about the likelihood of a flood of counterfeits parts attempting to fill the void of the semiconductor shortage, and how distributors and manufacturers are using our X-ray systems to protect their inventories, products, and customers.

For a primer on the use of X-ray inspection in identifying substandard electronic components, see Dr. Cardoso’s recent column for SMT 007.  Of course, we’d appreciate you reaching out with any questions.

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