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Lessons from “Lizzy”: A Forensic Analysis

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As many of you know, Dr. Bill Cardoso’s beloved 1928 Ford Model A, Lizzy, carefully converted to an EV, experienced a catastrophic battery fire.  She has since been transported to Creative Electron headquarters, where many of her charred parts have been examined under X-ray.

It’s been the “hot topic” around here for weeks (not too soon to joke, according to Dr. Cardoso).  By examining the remains of the batteries and components, we hoped to learn a bit more about what happened.  Are there lessons to be applied as Lizzy prepares to rise from the ashes?


We imaged the remains of the battery cells and other components including capacitors, PCBs, and transformers.  The condition of the various components, and the additional insight revealed through X-ray examination, led us to one undeniable conclusion…



… there was a fire.  Okay, so we didn’t learn as much as we had hoped.  We know from years of experience, that sometime all an X-ray image is going to reveal is that there is nothing more to be revealed, but it’s never stopped us for taking a look.  What would you look at if X-ray vision was your super power?  Reach out today, and perhaps we’ll lend you our eyes.

But wait, there’s more.  Like the legendary Phoenix, Lizzy too will rise from her ashes.  Her transformation begins with our upcoming Fireside Chat with the Xperts featuring Matt Hauber of Stealth EV, Wednesday 6/30/21, 10a PDT (register here to join in).

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