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So many of our customers have benefited from autonomous sample handling and inspection that we just had to add such a system to our lineup.  The TruView™ Fusion is a cost-effective, highly adaptable system use to inspect a diversity of products including medical devices, circuit boards, small castings, and much more.

Proven platform, now with automation

Creative Electron’s TruView™ Fusion is a proven platform for powerful, high-resolution X-ray imaging.  This robust hardware, paired with an automated FANUC robot within the X-ray cabinet can rapidly inspect a tray of samples, even quarantining failed products within the system.   Its programable robot arm can precisely manipulate virtually any sample with a wide assortment of grippers for handling even the most sensitive devices with care.  Your component, subassemblies, or finished product, packaged or not, can be inspected in multiple orientations, with your established pass/fail criteria.   Introduce samples manually, or automate that too with conveyors, cobots or robots.  The system includes barcode scanning, image archiving, and software tools tailored to your exact inspection and data analytics requirements. Optional Cognex machine vision tools allow for advanced optical inspection, all within a single system.  Our in-house software team stands ready to enhance your automate system with customized AI software capabilities.

Easy to integrate, even easier to use

Integrating the TruView™ Fusion into your manufacturing process is as easy as it is exciting. Our engineers work with you to configure the ideal tools for your inspection needs.  With full support and training from Creative Electron’s Southern California base service team, we’ll ensure that your team is able to make the most of automated inspection right out of the box.

Benefits of automation are real

Talented operators are tough to come by, and even harder to retain.  Integrating automated inspection can reduce your dependence on talent, and improve individual productivity. It’s remarkable ease of use mean your team won’t be intimidated by the TruView™ Fusion, and will fully utilize it’s advanced capabilities.  They will appreciate being relived of tedious, repetitive inspection tasks, freeing them (and their hands) to make more meaningful contributions.  And because a single technician can operate multiple systems, it’s ideal for situations that require social distancing.  Affordable and easy to use, TruView™ Fusion can transform both your quality and productivity.

For automated batch inspection tailored to virtually any product, look no further than Creative Electron.  Reach out today to discuss your inspection challenges.


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